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Registered: ‎05-25-2016

Ribbon Configuration Files and CmdIDs

Hi all


I have a question to the ribbon configuration and automation of the ribbon.


My scenario: For a specific workflow I would like to turn off all GeoMedia standard ribbons and use my own ribbon. My own ribbon should be a mix of GeoMedia standard commands and my own custom commands.


Till now no problem. I can do this with the ribbon customize dialog in GeoMedia. And my configuration is saved in the xml file C:\Users\<MyAccount>\AppData\Local\Intergraph\<GeoMedia Tier>\GMRibbonCustomUI.xml.


Now I have two points which make problems in two further requirements:


a) For the custom commands the xml file GMRibbonCustomUI.xml contains the cmdID not the ProgID. But the cmdIDs depend on the installation sequence on each machine. I can't control the value of the cmdIDs. So it is not possible to distribute the xml file GMRibbonCustomUI.xml on different machines! So I have to configure every machine (and account) manually - honestly that's not the idea of configuration files. In my opinion the use of cmdID instead of ProgID in the xml file is a "conceptual bug" ...


b) For the specific workflow which will be started with a "Driving GeoMedia" application I want the ribbon configuration like described in the scenario. If I don't use this specific workflow I would like to use GeoMedia with the standard ribbons. The "Driving GeoMedia" application (should) manage this switch between the two ribbon configurations. It (should) configure the xml file GMRibbonCustomUI.xml before starting GeoMedia and reset the ribbon configuration when the specific workflow ends.


In my scenario I think the custom ribbon ( has two restriction make it unusable in this scenario.

1. I can't mix GeoMedia standard commands with custom commands in a custom ribbon.

2. For b) I can't register and deregister the custom ribbon (with the "Driving GeoMedia" application) for switching the GUI because this needs LAR. Standard Windows accounts don't have LAR.


Now the question: Is it possible to give a custom command a fix, invariable cmdID without creating a custom ribbon?

If there is a way to fix the cmdID of custom commands requirements a) and b) would be fulfilled.


E.g. something like the CommandMapping xml file for custom ribbon. What would be the category name for a single custom command in such a mapping file (if it is possible with a similar file like for custom ribbon)?


Thanks in advance for any suggestions or idea.