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SDK : Modify Custom Toolbar button

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Is there a way to get a cutom toolbar button and to change its properties, like the tooltip, the icon url etc.. ?


for example, I add a 'Hello World' button in the toolbar : 

var iconMoveUrl = "url 1"

$GP.ui.toolbar.add({ iconCls: 'x-btn-icon',
icon: iconMoveUrl,
xtype: "tbbutton", text: "Hello World!", handler: function (b) { $"Hello World!"); } });

then, while I'm using the Geoportal, I want to modify dynamically this button and change the icon  : 

iconMoveUrl = "url 2"


Can anyone help ?


Many thanks,


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Re: SDK : Modify Custom Toolbar button

Hi David,


  1. Set button id parameter (e.g. id: 'my-new-button1')
  2. Use this parameter to find the button - var btn = Ext.getCmp('my-new-button1')
  3. Define the image in CSS and change the CSS - btn.setIconClass('class-name')

See the full ExtJS documentation here:!/api/Ext.Button




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