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Registered: ‎04-19-2016

Spatial Modeler: Modeler Parameter bug?

Hi guys,


Have you experienced a similar issue?


When I create my model in the new spatial modeler and only have 2 input ports, then when I want to define the extent of the processing in the model parameters, the "window"-> "same as input", there are 3 inputs and the first one is based on the extent of the raster around which the original model was built.

This leads to an error when changing the inputs in the model to images from another extent, where it still has reference to the last extent?!


The error is "files don't intersect".


Best Regards


Technical Evangelist
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Re: Spatial Modeler: Modeler Parameter bug?

I'm not fully understanding your message. You write "there are 3 inputs" but I only understand there to be 2. The input referenced by the processing properties should be one of the the other two that you have already defined.


When you write that "this leads to an error when changing the inputs in the model", are you previewing while you change the inputs? A preview is meant to be "live" and react immediately when you change any input parameter so if you need to change the inputs in pairs in order for the collection of inputs to be sensible (and avoid the error), you might have to turn off the preview.


If I'm not understanding your question, it might help to attach a screen shot of what your model looks like.

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Re: Spatial Modeler: Modeler Parameter bug?

If, in the Spatial Model Editor, you select the Raster Input operator and look at the Properties panel, does it look a bit like this?:




I.e. is there a <boundary> entry in the MapBoundary (or FileBoundary) field. If so, you have inadvertently set a fixed map (or file) boundary extent on the Spatial Model while selecting the input raster image while you were developing / testing your Spatial Model. This extent is then not intersecting with other imagery (of different locations) you try to run through the model subsequently, resulting in the message you reference.


The solution is simple - delete the <boundary> string (and un-check the port if it has turned itself on and you don't need it) and save the model. It should now have no fixed spatial extent and will use the default spatial extent rules (or  the rues you have set in Processing Properties) on whatever data you input.


It's relatively easy for this situation to happen in ERDAS IMAGINE 2015. When you use the File Chooser to set an input raster file in the model, changing one of the other parameters (beside file name) in that dialog (such as resampling technique) applied the displayed boundary as well (even if you did not change it). In ERDAS IMAGINE 2016 it's much harder to accidentally get into this situation. But in either version the solution is easy - remove any entry in the MapBoundary field if you don't want to be using a fixed MapBoundary.


But perhaps you're hitting a different problem - it's not entirely clear from your original post. If so, please upload the model so we can take a look.

Ian Anderson
Chief Product Owner, Desktop Remote Sensing
Hexagon Geospatial
Posts: 59
Registered: ‎04-19-2016

Re: Spatial Modeler: Modeler Parameter bug?

Hi Ian, 


Thanks for your response! Sorry about the delay, I have been travelling abit.


I will give this a go and then get back to you asap with the result, however I think you hit the nail on the head.