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Regular Contributor
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Registered: ‎05-01-2016

Spatial Portal SDK maps not displaying on page at just one site

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I don't have much information at present but at one site, a GeoSpatial Portal SDK developed webpage that is working fine at a variety of user sites, does not display the map.  The map is being generated in SVG format and comes up blank.  I believe it is being successfully created in the cache folder.  The site has a firewall.  I will try to get more details but are there any standard issues (browser compatibility, security settings) that could be involved?  The host id is set to the full URL on the host server.  Thanks!

Technical Evangelist
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Re: Spatial Portal SDK maps not displaying on page at just one site



please check the following - it's a short list of things to check:

  • Compatibility View in Internet Explorer (should be disabled)
  • It won't work if the site runs in an iframe which turns IE documentMode to quirksMode (except Map.aspx)
  • Are there any errors in the Javascript Developer Console (there shouldn't be any)
  • Can the URL to the WebMap generated SVG file be opened in the browser (without the Portal - it should)
  • Is the URL to the image well formed (no things like width=0 etc

Hope it helps,