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SpatialModeller SDK setting up

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Hi there,


We had just acquired a Spatial modeller SDK licence and we have a couple of questions that might be very basic but since this is the first time and we have not found installation quide book we dare to publish here as a reply to your message. Please let us know where we could publish our question if this is not the right way.


+ Visual Studio 2013 apparentely is demanded during the installation. Do we need to get hold of this specific version or the 2015 is ok? Is it possible the programming of the models in other compiler (e.g. opensource) different from the Microsoft solution? MS licensing is expensive.


+ There only two guys who are going to work on development and we only have one license. Is it possible to debug applications at the same time or the licence manager makes that only one can work at a time?


Thanks a lot  and best regards,


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Re: SpatialModeller SDK setting up

Hi, Juan!


Congratulations on your purchase of an SMSDK license!


  1. Spatial Model SDK version 2015.1 requires Visual Studio 2013.  Visual Studio Express should work, but we have not tried any open-source compilers.  The sticking point is going to be possible differences in the STL implementation, particularly in Debug.
  2. There are no license checks at compile time, so multiple developers could do the coding; however, there are license checks in the executables.  You will need to refer to your SMSDK license agreement for specifics on what you're allowed to do.

Have fun with Spatial Modeler!