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Registered: ‎05-30-2016

WFS Styling via API

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In our Danish Cadaster project, we already have some styling of API generated queries. However, these were simple styles (lines, dots, colors, width etc.). We now need to be able touse more advanced styling via the API. We need the following:

- Square dot.

- Circle dot, with only border and no fill.
- For some of our non-dynamic (non-query) layers, we have e.g. styles that contains a PNG, using the styling tools in GS Portal. How would you do the same via API?
- Some of the features that needs to be styled via the API, are compound geometry types. How do you style these via the API?



We have been searching the forum without finding anything related. Furthermore, there are two examples in the example portal, which unfortunately only describes the more simple cases "Area style usage in WFS query" and "Point style usage in WFS query".

We are using GS Portal 2015 EP04 SDK.