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Webmap Hotspots

I'm using the Geospatial Portal SDK with a Webmap Publisher service.  I would like to add a hotspot to a map feature so that when a particular feature's graphic elements are clicked, a link to a URL stored as an attribute to the feature is processed.  The only thing that seems to work is that when the element is clicked, the attributes are displayed and the hotspot attribute is displayed as a hyperlink so it can be clicked.  I would just like to click the element and have the URL automatically executed - it is a link to a new non-map webpage based on which element was clicked.  Webmap Publisher has the concept of hotspots that can either show attributes, zoom, or go to URL but i don't see the URL option functioning as it used to in Web Map.  And the word Hotspots when searched for now refers to network hotspots rather than graphic ones. Thanks for any guidance!

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Re: Webmap Hotspots

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I think that the viable way of doing this would be to define custom handler, look for the proper attribute with URL withing the clicked item and open a new browser window using this attribute URL value.


Not certain how the WMPS layer would behave but maybe it's enough to leave it set to "Show attribute information". If it would still open an attribute window instead of using the feature info functionallity, then you will probably need to define your own feature info button.

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