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Regular Contributor
Posts: 248
Registered: ‎05-01-2016
Accepted Solution

new version of sdk

I just unzipped portal-sdk-package-16.5.0207-lib and in order to successfully do a build i had to copy pom.xml from the build folder to the top of the folder I'd unzipped to.  In my previous sdk versions  pom.xml is in the build folder where it unzips to.  Does this make sense?



Technical Evangelist
Posts: 132
Registered: ‎08-05-2015

Re: new version of sdk

Hi Jane,


thanks for drawing our attention to that. You're right - the pom.xml needs to be copied from the build folder to the solution root folder. I will upload an updated package.


Best regards,


Regular Contributor
Posts: 248
Registered: ‎05-01-2016

Re: new version of sdk

Now i have a new problem - i seem to be getting the old and the new licensing: when i do a build of the sdk (i've added my customizations but don't think i did anything related to licensing)

I am looking at my log file from log4net

There are mentions of all of these:


2019-02-26 17:36:40,253 [16] DEBUG Intergraph.GeoMedia.Web.SDI.Common.Tools.Is [(null)] - Assembly name: Hexagon.GSP.Server.Licensing, Version=, Culture=neutral,


2019-02-26 17:02:55,128 [7] DEBUG Intergraph.GeoMedia.Web.SDI.Common.Tools.Is [(null)] - Assembly name: Intergraph.GeospatialServer.Common.Licensing.Core, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=4cb508dfbee734e0


2019-02-26 17:01:30,194 [7] INFO  Intergraph.Portal.Core.MapManager.Licensing.LicenseUtility [(null)] - Initializing license manager.


and the licensing takes up to 3 minutes on the first run after an iis reset or webmap service restart.

Any suggestions?





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