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Attachment attribute guide

by Technical Evangelist on ‎09-13-2017 02:40 AM (694 Views)

This article explains how to add the ability to attach files to features. 




To use this feature, attribute with "attachment" type has to be added to configuration. Steps are described in How to configure attribute of type blob




Ability to pick files from the device is available without any additional steps. Users that granted permission for accessing files to app can select any file of appropriate type from device.




As with Android, user can select any file  of appropriate type from hard drive




Currently, app allows only to attach files uploaded to iCloud. To enable iCloud usage in application, following steps must be completed. This guide expects, that iOS app is already created.


Creating iCloud container


First, iCloud container for the app must be created. To do that, go to the Certificates, Identifiers and Profiles panel in your Apple Developer Account and select Identifiers -> iCloud containers. Press the plus button in the upper right corner, and register new iCloud container


The identifier must follow the convention iCloud.{appId} where {appId} is the same as provided previously to "grunt createproject" command


Adding iCloud service capability


To add capability to use iCloud service and connect newly created iCloud container to app, go to Identifiers -> App IDs and select you application ID. Press edit button on the bottom of the panel, and select checkbox next to iCloud


Press edit button on the iCloud section, and select previously created container. After this action, provisioning profile needs to be recreated


Adding plugin


Final step is to add plugin that allows to choose files from iCloud. To do that, in command line navigate to application folder inside workspace and execute command "grunt addiosfilepicker". After this command finishes, executing "grunt runios" will produce an app with ability to select files from iCloud.