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Can the RectangleGeometry Object be used with Oracle OOM?

by Anonymous on ‎02-15-2016 12:25 PM - edited on ‎04-06-2016 11:20 AM by Moderator (694 Views)


In the GeoMedia API, there is a RectangleGeometry object, which does not seem to be part of the GDO specification. Our Client noticed that their GM stand-alone Application Program cannot create (digitize) a rectangle geometry object and convert it into a BLOB (by GeometryStorageService), and then save it into Oracle OOM (by the Oracle OOM data server). Is there a reason for this? All the other geometry objects (polyline, polygon, point, line, arc, etc.) work OK except rectangle geometry. Should the application program convert a rectangle geometry into a regular polygon geometry first before saving into Oracle OOM?


Correct on all points: RectangleGeometry exists as a client-side object only and was invented apart from GDO strictly for use in “fence” placement in dynamics. Its design is particularly ill-suited for GDO usage, as it consists of an origin and height/width rather than a more conventional mechanism that would transform better through coordinate systems. Any time when generating geometry, it is best to generate a polygon instead of RectangleGeometry.