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GeoMedia Smart Client Workflow Manager provides tools for building and delivering highly-constrained, map-based workflows for the office or the field.
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Create custom theme (How To)

by Technical Evangelist on ‎04-12-2016 11:14 PM - edited on ‎03-28-2019 02:30 AM by Technical Evangelist (1,517 Views)

Read Theme to learn about the folder and file structure, the import and process order and the editable variables.

This tutorial shows you how to create a custom theme for your workflows in few steps. You will learn how to copy and modify the existing default theme for your needs.


Copy and rename "Default" folder

Open your workflow installation directory. Open the …\GeoMedia SmartClient\Program\Workflows\Custom\Themes folder. Now you should see a folder labeled "Default". This is an empty (means: no custom variables and rules = inherits the whole default workflow theme) theme folder, which we provide to make it easier and faster to create a custom theme with the right folder and file structure.


Note: An empty theme means, it doesn´t override any rules or variables of the default workflow theme.



Change variables of your theme

Read Theme Variables to learn about the variables and their sections, and to download the list of all editable style and layout variables.

Depending on what you want to change for your theme, you have to open the correct theme-variables-file (variables-content.less, variables-menu.less or variables-layout.less) to adapt the values. At the beginning the theme-variables-files are empty, what means that they inherit in the Theme-Process variables from the default workflow theme-variables-files. This provides the option to change values only of necessary variables (depending on your needs) instead of having to define all variables.

Change the variables in the theme-variables-files to modify the theme, see example below.

Example of a simple theme: custom background color, text color and text size



//custom variables-content.less of "MyTheme"
@ig-base-font-size: 14px;
@ig-content-background: white;
@ig-label-text-color: darkblue;
@active-background-color: white;
@tabstrip-active-background: white;
@header-background-color: lightgrey;
@button-background-color: white;


Usage of your custom theme

Based on your need you can link one special Workflow with your new custom theme or all workflows at once, therefore read Theme Usage to learn about the configuration.


IIS Reset

Execute an IIS reset to activate your custom theme.


Video (Custom Theme)

This video shows how to create a custom theme.