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Custom Snapshot Page for Printing

by Technical Evangelist on ‎04-12-2016 07:43 AM - edited on ‎04-07-2017 07:55 AM by Technical Evangelist (4,777 Views)

Geospatial Portal Printing Workflow

  • Portal performs local printing on the server using one of two engines
    • Internet Explorer
    • PhantomJS
  • Server-Side printing is performed using a „Snapshot Page” that is opened in the server-side printing engine
  • After the snapshot page is fully loaded, the printing engine captures a bitmap
  • EP05 introduces customization of the snapshot page allowing developer to load additional scripts
  • Local printout may be then piped to the printing service for further processing

Custom snapshot page

  • With EP05 it is possible to implement custom snapshot page that generates image used for the printout
  • Custom snapshot page may use API.js
  • Custom snapshot page may inject custom script tags
  • For example custom script tags may handle dynamic predicate based styles



Custom snapshot page implementation 




Custom snapshot page

  • Custom snapshot page inherits from SnapshotPage and allows to override LoadScripts method
  • SDK EP05 contains example implementation

PhantomJS printing configuration



<printing tileSize="2000" mapSizeLimit="5000" timeout="00:02" defaultService="FirstExternal" precisionGeographic="7" precisionProjected="0" printingEngine="phantomJS" phantomJSProgramLocation="c:\intergraph\Geospatial Portal\Program\PhantomJS\phantomjs.exe" />

Custom snapshot page registration in web.config



<!-- Custom snapshot page to be used for printing. It is possible to add custom scripts. See MySnapshotPage.cs and js/PrintingScripts.js for reference -->
<add key="SnapshotPage" value="MySnapshotPage.WebClient.ashx" />

Predicate based style






on ‎02-12-2018 07:00 AM

i see - i don't think that will help me - right now i have a binding paramter like Title and Created by defined in my xaml file where i can paste in the table I want displayed on map sheet (xaml text for table generated by pushing a button on query form) and it works but would like to be ble to skip this step.