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Geospatial Portal SDK - Getting Started

by Technical Evangelist on ‎01-23-2018 06:29 AM (1,799 Views)

Development environment

In order to use the Portal SDK to develop your own customizations, you need to set up an appropriate development environment. Here's a list of things you will need:


  • Web browser

    Geospatial Portal supports all major web browsers, from Internet Explorer 7 to the latest version of Google Chrome. During development, however, we recommend that you choose one of the following browsers for the best debugging experience:
    - Google Chrome
    - Firefox
  • .NET Framework 4.5+

    It is included by default on all Windows 8 installations and newer
  • Visual Studio 2013+

    All the projects and solutions in the Geospatial Portal SDK are delivered as VS 2013 projects.

    Visual Studio 2013 is the recommended development environment, but it is very easy to convert VS2013 projects to newer versions of Visual Studio (VS does that automatically).

    Both Visual Studio Pro and Visual Studio Community Edition have been tested with Geospatial Portal SDK. Please refer to License terms and conditions to see if Visual Studio Community Edition is suitable for you

    Please note, that Visual Studio Express edition does not open Web Application projects and cannot be used to develop Geospatial Portal SDK related applications.

    Although it is technically possible to compile Web Application project without Visual Studio, just with MSBuild and .targets files, it won't be described in this tutorial. Please refer to this stackoverflow thread if interested:
    • Java Runtime Environment

      Only required on build time. A small set of Java libraries is used only for JavaScript code minification purposes. Other than that, Java is not needed on deployed / production environment.





Version Control System is recommended because:

  • It keeps track of every old version of every file
  • It can merge different versions of your code, so that teammates can work independently on the code and then merge their changes
  • it makes upgrading your projects to newer versions of Geospatial Portal SDK dependencies much easier

It is recommended to read mercurial tutorial.

  • Resharper - Visual Studio Extension for .NET Developers
    Resharper helps Visual Studio users:
    • Analyze code quality
    • Eliminate errors and code smells
    • Safely change the code base
    • Instantly traverse the entire solution
    • Enjoy code editing helpers
    • Comply with coding standards

Downloading Geospatial Portal SDK


Getting access to the downloads


In order to develop custom web applications using the Geospatial Portal SDK, a valid Geospatial Portal SDK license is required. In order to get the license and to be able to access the download links, create Geospatial Portal SDK access request in the Development Ticket Portal

The Development Tickets process is described here:



Download links


Geospatial Portal download links can be found on the Community Page for HGDN subscribers:



Package contents


Geospatial Portal SDK is delivered in form of a ZIP file, that contains:





Virtual directory with a sample application containing Examples.aspx page where you can run example code snippets

Virtual directory with a sample application containing Examples.aspx page where you can run example code snippets including language assemblies and images.

Development environment for Visual Studio 2013 and Visual Studio 2010 containing source codes of the example application, source codes of sample connectors and Examples.aspx page where you can run example code snippets

Documentation and guides


Sample DotNetNuke module installer (to be used with DotNetNuke instance)


Sample DotNetNuke module sources for live editing in DotNetNuke (to be used with DotNetNuke instance)

Program Files\Common Files\Hexagon\CSFStore\CRSConfig_v2.xml

CRS XML config file in version v2. Full path remains intact your convenience.


Consumer Portal with $GP API and examples.html page that contains many code examples.


Example project with custom search backend plugin implementation for the Consumer Portal.

Consumer Portal template files. Can be published on IIS as application

Geospatial Portal SDK EULA Addendum 3.pdf

End-user license agreement addendum 3 for Geospatial Portal SDK

Geospatial Portal 2015 SDK.PDF

Geospatial Portal 2016 SDK overview


Community information




Release Notes



Visual Studio Solution


In the next steps, we are going to use Extract this file to your working directory and follow the tutorial.



Further Reading:

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