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M.App Portfolio provides a modern, cloud-based platform for creating and delivering diverse geospatial web applications.
Through the M.App Studio, our partners can design, build, and deploy their own Hexagon Smart M.Apps.
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Hexagon Geospatial Smart M.App User Interface Design Guidelines.

by Technical Evangelist on ‎03-30-2016 05:53 AM - edited on ‎05-05-2016 04:02 AM by Technical Evangelist (605 Views)

Smart mapp UI.png


This document outlines general guidelines for creating lightweight and dynamicHexagon Geospatial Smart M.App®.

This document also outlines recommendations around the Smart M.App approach,framework, and controls to ensure that every Smart M.App published to the M.AppExchange is easy to use and has consistent quality.


Table of Contents:

  03   Purpose  
  04   Getting Started

  05  Design Philosophy  
  06  Content Integration  
  07  Map-Focused Smart M.App  
  10  BI-Focused Smart M.App  
  12  Workflow-Focused Smart M.App  
  15  Geoprocessing-Focused Smart M.App
  17  Color Usage  
  18  Branding  
  19  Layout  
  21  Navigation  
  22  Synchronize  
  23  Panels  
  24  Controls  
  26  Feedback
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