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Order third party content from your Smart M.App

by on ‎12-21-2016 08:07 AM (904 Views)

Developing computer software can be very difficult. On top of the basic programming challenges, every detail can decide whether or not your product succeeds. Here, at Hexagon Geospatial, we are constantly working on improving the way you can create your Hexagon Smart M.App. We want you to focus on delivering great application to your customers instead of struggling with technical difficulties.


Content Can Take You from Good to Great

Many of you have told us that it is difficult to develop a world-class application when you have insufficient access to the proper content. Lack of the appropriate data for development impedes your ability to create the best product possible and complications that arise later from insufficient access to that data may reflect badly on your product. We believe that using the right data is one factor that separates the greatest applications from the average ones. This is why we are seeking to simplify the process of acquiring appropriate data.


To achieve this, we integrated our Hexagon Smart M.App Platform with content providers from across the world. You are just one click away from getting stunning, high-resolution satellite imagery from Airbus Defence & Space or from the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-2 mission. We have also provided the means for accessing  the entire free catalog from NASA’s Landsat program. We are constantly working on extending list of our content partners, so you stay tuned for further announcements.


You can browse our rich offering of high quality satellite imagery using the M.App Reader application available at the Hexagon Geospatial Store. It gives you a simple way to view a great variety of available data sources, utilize sophisticated filter options and its easy-to-use interface ensure you will acquire imageries that fulfill your customers’ needs. Find out for yourself and visit the Hexagon M.App Store to start your free subscription today!


Note: To be able to order third party content you need to have active M.App Chest subscription.



M.App Reader Application


Connect to a Stream of Content   

So far, as a developer, you were able to build a Smart M.App that will use either the data defined and published by you or the content available in the end user M.App Chest storage. That’s good, but it’s not really dynamic.


Can you imagine a Smart M.App that automatically browses the huge set of the free data available out there? One that makes it easy for the customer to find and use the image that is the best for your workflow? Would it be great? Of course it would. This is why you can now easily integrate content searches into your application with the Content Broker Service.

The Content Broker Service [CBS] is a part of the Hexagon Smart M.App suite of applications and tools. CBS provides seamless access to data from third-party providers, allowing them to discover and process geospatial data. It gives you the opportunity to empower your customer to explore a huge variety of geospatial data and choose the ones which fit best their requirements.


Getting Started is Easy       

To start a journey with the CBS, open your Smart M.App Studio. We have added a set of new examples to the M.App Editor to help you get started. Just use them to customize your M.App and see how easy it is to make your Smart M.App truly dynamic.




You may also read Smart M.App API Documentation. You will find there detailed description of the Content Broker Service integration and definitions of all API methods related to it.


There is also a sample application that takes advantage of this new functionality. It shows how to perform the discovery of the 3rd party content, how to limit the search based on specific criteria, how to order it, and how to use it for geoprocessing. All these steps are executed automatically, with minimal input from the user. Make it as easy as possible for users to browse satellite imagery. It demonstrates how to limit their search to selected areas. It only provides access to data for a set period of time in the current year, and then it process the data using the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI). This greatly simplifies the process of visualizing changes as time progresses.



Sample NDVI Application


We hope you’re as excited about all of these new features as we are! You can try the demo application on your own. Simply follow this Launching NDVI Browser Smart M.App where we described step-by-step how to prepare and launch our sample NDVI Smart M.App.