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Simple Line Style Property Sequence Type Constants

by Anonymous on ‎03-13-2017 12:42 PM (655 Views)

The Simple Line Style Sequence Type property specifies a predefined set of linear dash-gap sequences along the line to be used in rendering linear geometry. The default value is gmgroSequenceTypeSolid.


DataType --- Long


The Long type specifies the predefined dash styles and an additional value of custom. The predefined dash styles/SequenceType property constants are as follows:


gmgroSequenceTypeSolid = 0

gmgroSequenceTypeDotted = 1

gmgroSequenceTypeMediumDashed = 2

gmgroSequenceTypeLongDashed = 3

gmgroSequenceTypeMediumDashDot = 4

gmgroSequenceTypeShortDashed = 5

gmgroSequenceTypeMediumDashDoubleDot = 6

gmgroSequenceTypeLongDashShortDash = 7

gmgroSequenceTypeLongDashSingleDot = 8

gmgroSequenceTypeLongDashDoubleDot = 9

gmgroSequenceTypeLongDashTripleDot = 10

gmgroSequenceTypeMediumDashShortDash = 11

gmgroSequenceTypeLongDashMediumDash = 12

gmgroSequenceTypeLongDashDoubleMediumDash = 13

gmgroSequenceTypeCustom = 32767



The gmgroSequenceTypeCustom type indicates that the dash-gap sequence is derived from the CustomSequence property.




Sample VB.NET code:


Dim objStyle As StyleDefinition


oSS.GetStyle ("Simple Line Style", objStyle)

With objStyle
         .StyleProperties(gmgroPropertyUnitType).Value = gmsStyleUnitsView
         .StyleProperties(gmgroPropertyWidth).Value = 6
         .StyleProperties(gmgroPropertySequenceType).Value = gmgroSequenceTypeMediumDashed
End With