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Smart M.App Newsletter April 2016

by Technical Evangelist on ‎11-15-2016 08:38 AM (443 Views)

What's New 


The April 2016 update brings the following new features in M.App Studio and M.App Chest:


  • Promote your Smart M.App to the M.App Exchange with one click in M.App Studio. Besides generating a  URL for your Smart M.App, this convenient feature automatically registers the OAuth Consumer Key and OAuth Consumer Secret created by the M.App Exchange, and sets necessary access rights to the application and its related assets.  It also flags the assets as read-only (R/O) to prevent unauthorized or accidental changes to your application once it has been submitted for publication in the marketplace to be purchased.  



  • Visualize cumulative changes over time with the enhanced Business Intelligence (BI) time widget. Add this new analytical capability to your Smart M.App with one click in the M.App Studio Business Intelligence configurator.



  • Display layers from external public view services: WMS and WMTS. Compose your maps in the M.App Studio Map Editor, and combine base map and M.App Chest-published sources with publicly available map layers.



  • Build custom BI widgets from scratch using the extended BI API available in M.App Studio. Use custom widgets, together with other widgets offered out of the box, to make your Smart M.App even more expressive.