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Smart M.App Newsletter May 2016

by Technical Evangelist on ‎11-15-2016 08:46 AM (514 Views)

What's New 


The  May 2016 update brings the following new features in M.App Studio® and M.App Chest™:


  • High-quality Airbus data, on demand - We are excited to announce that Airbus Pleiades and Spot 7 series datasets are now available for purchase in M.App Studio. First, have a manager or purchasing agent from your company send a request to to get Airbus payment arrangements set up in the system. Then, any time you need or want Airbus data, just select the Create New Content action in M.App Studio, and click the Order option in M.App Chest for immediate access.



  • Extended configuration capabilities for HERE base map - Use the Map Editor in M.App Studio to configure the HERE base map. Choose from various options available to make your Smart M.App individual and unique. Decide whether the base map consists of vector tiles or satellites, uses a full color palette or just grey scale. Make your Smart M.App beautiful! By the way, have you already discovered that the HERE base map language adjusts to your browser settings? Enjoy your map!



  • Enhanced Promote feature in M.App Studio - The April release offered a general walk-through procedure for promoting your Smart M.Apps to the M.App Exchange. It was applicable only to Smart M.Apps that were configured in M.App Studio without custom extensions - those for which related assets could be automatically detected. With this latest release, the procedure is extended with additional steps to support promotion of custom Smart M.Apps - those that have assets added manually to the application at the code level.



  • Usage statistics available in M.App Chest  - Now you can monitor storage usage, data transfer and processing time so you can maximize the benefits of your M.App Chest subscription. 



  • M.App Chest publish to ECWP  - Enhanced Compressed Wavelet Protocol (ECWP) is a high performance protocol for streaming compressed imagery or point clouds into desktop applications. Now you can upload your ECW, JP2, HPC , NITF  - including with embedded JP2 streams - files and more, into M.App Chest and publish them to ECWP with just a single click.