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Smart M.App Newsletter November 2016

by Technical Evangelist on ‎11-15-2016 09:20 AM - edited on ‎10-31-2019 03:23 AM by Community Manager (866 Views)

What's New


  • Measurements in Smart M.App
    Do your Smart M.App users need to know map coordinates or the distance between locations clicked on the map? Both the Map Panel and BI Map Panel have been extended with a set of basic measurement tools: Measure Point, Measure Line, and Measure Area.

    Measurement tools are automatically accessible from the Measurement Tab in the Side Panel of every Smart M.App created in M.App Studio using M.App Editor. Measurement results are displayed in this tab as well.


  • Quick map printing in Smart M.App
    Press Ctrl+P to bring up your browser’s Print dialog and print the map displayed in your Smart M.App.



  • Configure multiple recipes in the Recipe Panel
    Do you need your Smart M.App to execute more than one Spatial Recipe? Now, in the M.App Editor, you can select several recipes from the Spatial Recipe Panel. First, define the initial parameters for each selected recipe in the Spatial Recipe configuration wizard. Then save and publish your Smart M.App, and let your users choose which recipe to execute.  
    This convenient new functionality lets you develop complex and yet easy-to-use applications.



  • Filter assets in M.App Chest and see only what you need to see
    Working with and managing assets in M.App Chest can be challenging for large organizations. With the new Shared Filters function, you can choose to see your assets, shared assets or all available assets.


  • Airbus DS data for HGDN subscribers
    Smart M.App developers can now purchase the Airbus DS Developer Kit and build an application using Airbus DS data. This Airbus DS data drives the dynamic information experience by giving end users easy access to fresh geospatial information coming from Pleiades and SPOT 6/7 sensors. With Airbus DS Developer Kit you have access to the following:
    • Airbus DS test data
    • Up to five Airbus DS data orders, free of charge
    • Access to discover and order Airbus DS paid data in M.App Reader

Visit the M.App Exchange, find the “Airbus DS Developer Kit for HGDN”, and apply for Airbus DS data access.



  • Create a Smart M.App with Incident Analyzer View
    With an Incident Analyzer subscription, you can easily create a Smart M.App with Incident Analyzer View with only a few clicks in M.App Studio.

    1. Drag the Incident Analyzer content type from the M.App Editor Toolbox and drop it onto the app panel.
    2. Configure the Incident Analyzer View to display.
    3. Save your Smart M.App and voila!  - your Smart M.App with Incident Analyzer View application is ready and can be promoted to the M.App Exchange.
    Once the Smart M.App with Incident Analyzer View is published to the M.App Exchange, it runs as a standalone app that does not require an additional viewer. 



  • New visual BI wizard
    We listen to your suggestions and are always working to provide you an even better user experience. So, here it comes - a brand new, visual and – we believe - very intuitive Business Intelligence Wizard in M.App Studio!

    With our new BI Wizard you can quickly build eye-catching dashboards by dragging and dropping the widgets on the map, and then placing and sizing the widgets exactly to present your information clearly and succinctly. All the configurable parameters of the widgets let you further individualize your Smart M.Apps.  

    As we continue to improve the new BI Wizard based on your feedback, we will continue to make the old wizard available as an option in M.App Studio until the end of 2016. You can decide which wizard version is right for you.

    We look forward to hearing from you about our new BI wizard, so please post your opinions on the Hexagon Geospatial Community.



  • Configure Leaflet Tile Server in the map
    A new data source for embedding maps, Leaflet Tile Service, is now supported by Smart M.App. Use M.App Editor from M.App Studio to configure this new tile service layer in your maps.



  • New Spatial Workshop operators
    With this November release, Spatial Workshop offers three new operators: Criteria, Expression, and Define Processing Area.

    Use the Criteria operator to generate a thematic raster output by applying a series of criteria to one or more input rasters, and specifying the number of rows, class, and condition for the criteria. The intuitive interface lets you easily add a row below the selected row or delete an extra row.


When creating a part of the model as an expression turns out to be more convenient, use the Expression operator. 


The Define Processing Area operator defines the processing area for raster processing. In the operator dialog, you can define grid rule, cell size rule, window rule, and CRS rule.




  • Quick access to Recipe functions
    We appreciate your feedback regarding Spatial Workshop and have implemented several of your ideas. The improved Spatial Workshop interface lets you hover over a recipe and quickly select the most-used actions. Now you can quickly Open, Publish, Unpublish or Delete a recipe.  You can also see the Publish/Unpublish recipe status. We hope you enjoy the improved user experience.

  • Use region of Interest (ROI) for geoprocessing
    Are you frustrated when your recipe takes a long time to process because your input data is so large, and yet you only need information from a small region of interest?

    Now you can customize your Smart M.App to select a region of interest for geoprocessing using either a bounding box drawn on the map, the selected features from BI Map, or GeoJSON provided in the spatial recipe input.

    Visit Hexagon Geospatial Community to get the code snippet that fits your use case and see how you can set up the new region of interest feature in the Spatial Recipe Panel of your Smart M.App.



  • Performance improvements when scheduling and running geoprocesses on large datasets
    We’ve improved geoprocessing and data publishing, especially on large datasets, which makes working with M.App Studio and apps created with it faster and more reliable.