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WebMap Route Service DetermineRoute method VB.Net Code Example

by Anonymous on ‎01-19-2017 08:43 AM - edited on ‎04-13-2017 04:53 AM by Technical Evangelist (1,295 Views)


This article provides a sample Route Service program which calculates a route/path using the DetermineRoute method of a WebMap Route Service Instance. The program is a custom VB.NET Web Application. It is essentially a copy of the version 6.1 Route Web Service Example with some minor changes for using a Service Reference with the .NET Framework version 4.0 and higher instead of a Web Reference since Web References are now considered legacy technology.


This program assumes the user has already created a Route Service instance and the required Route Service binary files using the RouteDataPub .exe executable. This executable is well-documented in the online documentation at!book;uri=53add82fbba614c6510f83a909c5c4d9;breadcrumb....


This program also assumes that a new and/or empty VB.NET Web project of the user’s choosing has been created. For this test sample, I created an empty VB Web Application project and added the appropriate Service Reference to the existing Route Service Instance. This example also assumes that a Web Form has been added with a button that invokes the Determine Route method processing.  


In the Project/Visual Studio Development Environment, select to add a Service Reference.  I normally open the VS Solution Explorer, right-click on Service Reference in the Solution Explorer Panel, and then select to Add.  The screen print below is how I defined the Service Reference for this example (Note the attached zip file of the Word Document contains any screen prints in addition to the text):


Once the Service Reference is added, begin coding the program.

Sample Code


'This is the Route Service that was added as a Service Reference.

Imports DemoRouteDataConsumer.RouteServiceReference

Public Class Form1
    Dim rtResult As Route

    Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
        '-- Initialize Web Service
        Dim wsRoute As New WSIRouteClient() ' This Public class is in the Route Service reference of RouteServiceReference

        '-- Get Service Info
        Dim rtServiceInfo As ServiceInfo = wsRoute.GetServiceInfo()

        '-- Get Dataset Info
        Dim rtDataSets() As RouteDatasetInfo = wsRoute.GetAllDatasetInfo()

        '— Initialize Route Spec Object
        Dim rtSpecification As New RouteSpec

        rtSpecification.DatasetName = rtDataSets(0).Name
        rtSpecification.DistanceUnit = DISTANCEUNITTYPE.METER

        ' The RoutePreference type is case-sensitive and must match what is defined in the configuration file of the Route Service.
        rtSpecification.RoutePreference = "Fastest"

        Dim CoordSystem As String = rtDataSets(0).BBox.SRS ''Use the first coord system you find.
        Dim Language As String = rtDataSets(0).SupportedLanguages(0) '"en-US" 'rtDataSets(0).SupportedLanguages(0)

        '-- Initialize Route Instruction Spec
        rtSpecification.InstructionSpecification = New InstructionSpec
        rtSpecification.InstructionSpecification.ReturnBBox = True
        rtSpecification.InstructionSpecification.ReturnGeometry = True

        '-- Set Avoid List (Optional)
        Dim avoidFeatures(1) As String
        avoidFeatures(0) = "AvoidFeatures"  'One of the avoid lists specified in the Route data configuration file
        Dim av As New AvoidList()
        rtSpecification.AvoidList = av0

        Dim avoidFeatures(-1) As String
        ' One of the avoid lists specified in Route data configuration file
        avoidFeatures(0) = "AvoidFeatures"
        Dim av As New AvoidList()
        av.Feature = avoidFeatures
        defaultRouteSpec.AvoidList = av

        '-- Set Restriction Info (Optional)
        Dim EdgeRestrictions(1) As Restriction
        EdgeRestrictions(0) = New Restriction
        EdgeRestrictions(0).Name = "Speed Limit" 'One of the restrictions specified Route data configuration file
        EdgeRestrictions(0).ROperator = (OPERATORTYPE.GREATERTHAN)
        EdgeRestrictions(0).Value = "55"
        rtSpecification.EdgeRestrictions = EdgeRestrictions
        rtSpecification.ReturnViolatedRestrictions = True
        rtSpecification.ReturnViolatedRestrictionGeometry = True

        '-- Generate Route

        ' Option 1 - Simple Two-Point route
        '—Start Point
        Dim StartPoint As New PointPropertyType
        StartPoint.Point = New PointType

        With StartPoint.Point
            .srsName = CoordSystem
            .coordinates = New CoordinatesType
            .coordinates.Value = "-96.652231,33.1926575"
        End With

        '—End Point
        Dim EndPoint As New PointPropertyType
        EndPoint.Point = New PointType
        With EndPoint.Point
            .srsName = CoordSystem
            .coordinates = New CoordinatesType
            .coordinates.Value = "-86.632141,40.200702"
        End With

        rtSpecification.ViaPoints = Nothing

        ' Option 2 - Multi-Point route
        '—Start Point

        'Dim StartPoint As New PointPropertyType
        'StartPoint.Point = New PointType

        'With StartPoint.Point
        '    .srsName = CoordSystem
        '    .coordinates = New CoordinatesType
        '    .coordinates.Value = "-96.652231,33.1926575"
        'End With

        ''—End Point
        'Dim EndPoint As New PointPropertyType
        'EndPoint.Point = New PointType
        'With EndPoint.Point
        '    .srsName = CoordSystem
        '    .coordinates = New CoordinatesType
        '    .coordinates.Value = "-86.632141,40.200702"
        'End With

        'Dim viaPoints(3) As PointPropertyType
        'Dim viapt1 As New PointType

        'With viapt1
        '    .srsName = CoordSystem
        '    .coordinates = New CoordinatesType
        '    .coordinates.Value = "-73.96481,40.69932"
        'End With

        'viaPoints(0).Point = viapt1

        'Dim viapt2 As New PointType
        'With viapt2
        '    .srsName = CoordSystem
        '    .coordinates = New CoordinatesType
        '    .coordinates.Value = "-122.67179,45.54883"
        'End With

        'viaPoints(1).Point = viapt2
        'Dim viapt3 As New PointType

        'With viapt3
        '    .srsName = CoordSystem
        '    .coordinates = New CoordinatesType
        '    .coordinates.Value = "-118.13855,33.80260"
        'End With

        'viaPoints(2).Point = viapt3
        'rtSpecification.ViaPoints = viaPoints

        'Complete route specification settings and Set Best Order options
        With rtSpecification
            '.ReturnViolatedRestrictionGeometry = True
            '.ReturnViolatedRestrictions = True
            '.SnapStopsToRestrictedEdges = False
            .ReturnGeometry = True
            .StartPointFixed = False
            .EndPointFixed = False
            .ReturnStopSummary = True
            .GetBestOrder = True
        End With

        'And request the route
            rtResult = wsRoute.DetermineRoute(rtSpecification, rtStartPoint, rtEndPoint)
            '-- Get Route Summary
            If (rtResult.Summary.Distance IsNot Nothing) Then
                RouteDistanceSumLabel.Text = rtResult.Summary.Distance
            End If

            '-- Get Route Instructions
            For i As Integer = 0 To rtResult.RouteInstructions.GetUpperBound(0)
                If (rtResult.RouteInstructions(i).Instruction IsNot Nothing) Then
                End If
            Next i
        Catch ex As Exception
            MsgBox("ERROR - " & ex.Message)
            Exit Sub
        End Try
    End Sub
End Class