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What You Need to Know to Develop in GeoMedia WebMap

by Technical Evangelist on ‎09-02-2015 05:01 AM - edited on ‎04-07-2017 08:21 AM by Technical Evangelist (1,408 Views)

There are numerous sources and web sites with helpful information on many of the following topics:

  • To maintain the system, you should have some training or experience in basic network and server administration, including web server software such as Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). See the documentation delivered with your web server software for additional information.
  • To maintain a web site, you need a basic understanding of HTML. There are HTML editors that allow you to build web pages without having to know all the details of HTML.
  • You need an understanding of server-side scripting (such as Active Server Pages (ASP, in order to program the WebMap-related objects.
  • You can create your own applications using C#, C++, or any of the well known programming languages.
  • To maintain your data sources, you will need licensed copies of the software applications used to create and edit your data sources and be familiar with their operations. In most cases, these products need not reside on the web server.

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