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Be aware: 2018-07 Security Monthly Quality Rollup (KB4338815 ) will screw up IIS

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Hi guys,


since I just have spent more than 2,5 hours I think I it is good to know that there are some major issues within the KB4338815 2018-07 Security Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows Server 2012 R2 or x64-based Systems.


After the istallation you are not able to stop the IIS-service. Only a reboot of the system will help you. I found this during the upgrade of APOLLO Core to 2018 at customer site where the installer also tries to stop the IIS.This will fail and the leave the installation in a faulty state.

I tried to remove everything (APOLLO Core and IIS) and then started from scratch. But of course ending up with the same issue.


The solution is quite simple: either uninstall KB4338815 or install the brand new hotfix KB4338831.




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Re: Be aware: 2018-07 Security Monthly Quality Rollup (KB4338815 ) will screw up IIS

Hi Fritz,


Thanks a lot for the info.




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