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Registered: ‎05-25-2016

Customize Apollo WMS GetFeatureInfo response


We are using WMS GetFeatureInfo method from Apollo Pro and we will like to know if it there is a way to control which fields of the data origin are included in the response, specially to avoid geometry field to be included in the json response.



Technical Evangelist
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Re: Customize Apollo WMS GetFeatureInfo response

From my understanding GetFeatureInfo will return the DN value or attribute like the following case.








Frequent Contributor
Posts: 114
Registered: ‎05-25-2016

Re: Customize Apollo WMS GetFeatureInfo response

Hi Haiyan...


GetFeatureInfo will indeed return the value of the attributes of a particular map object (within the tolerance, the question here is if there is any way to select which attributes Apollo will return, specifically from a vector layer. Right now, if a query my vector layer, the answer includes all the fiends in the shape/table, including the geometry column.


The query we use is simillar to the one you posted, with the sole difference that we are using json as INFO_FORMAT

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