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Registered: ‎02-17-2016

ESRI Cache bundle

Can Apollo read and then publish the ESRI compact cache storage format? 


Is there any equivalent way of creating a bundle of data for an area of interest? 




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Registered: ‎11-16-2015

Re: ESRI Cache bundle

Hi Richard,


For imagery, we have ECW... So cache/pyramids are useless, ECW is even faster and needs less disk space.

Concerning vector, APOLO has no tile caching functionnality, you have to look at WebMap for that.


I don't think APOLLO can read it (you can try with GDAL in the decoder.yaml for APOLLO Adv/Pro) but, again, if you have the original data, it is much better to use an ECW.





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Posts: 145
Registered: ‎02-17-2016

Re: ESRI Cache bundle

Thanks Florent. As an aside, I have read elsewhere that GeoMedia has a GeoPackage dataserver being planned - http://www.opengeospatial.org/standards/geopackage

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