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REST API Get query results everything but the datasets.

Dear Community, 


I have a question regarding a get query on the REST API. I'm building a geoportal using some testdata. Im trying to get all the datasets into the portal using a fetch method. In order to get all the items from the server I use the following line: 


Here the last parts concern input from a form in Vue.js. I receive all the items, except the actual datasets which contain geographical information. I' ve tried other get statements using datasets instead of items for example, but no matter what I' m trying I receive everything but the datasets (vector datasets, image datasets and some aggregates).
Any idea what could be/go wrong in this scenario? 
With regards, 
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Re: REST API Get query results everything but the datasets.

Have you passed the credentials? Are you sure you not only requesting the public items?

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Registered: ‎04-30-2019

Re: REST API Get query results everything but the datasets.



Yeah some parts were obviously missing as only the public items were received. The authorization header was added which initially didn't change the outcome of my problem. 


The problem was further discussed by my colleague in another post: https://community.hexagongeospatial.com/t5/ERDAS-APOLLO-ECW-JP2/Erdas-Apollo-REST-API-returns-403-er...

So yes the problem has been fixed. 

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