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Can Landsat data be used in IMAGINE Photogrammetry?

by sbent on ‎04-08-2016 01:24 PM (335 Views)


Can Landsat data be used in IMAGINE Photogrammetry?


It is not possible to use Landsat data since IMAGINE Photogrammetry uses the Block Bundle Adjustment technique, which makes use of overlap areas between images. The minimum overlap area necessary is 30% to 60%. The Landsat sensor cannot change its viewing angle in order to create a stereo pair which contains enough overlap. The sensor always covers the same area. The overlap areas of Landsat scenes are generally between 10% and 20%, which makes them unusable for a block bundle adjustment. This is the reason why the Landsat sensor is not implemented in IMAGINE Photogrammetry. The Generic Sensor Model is only available for pushbroom sensors. Therefore the only way of orthorectifying Landsat scenes is by using one Landsat scene at a time in the Multipoint Geometric Correction workspace of ERDAS IMAGINE, which is specifically designed for single scene ortho-rectification.