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Commonly Used File Directories

by mvardovs ‎07-15-2016 08:29 AM - edited ‎07-15-2016 08:31 AM (980 Views)


How to automatically set Input and Output files directory?


ERDAS IMAGINE can also be set to automatically navigate to a specific directory or an output directory. A saved output directory saves every newly created file in the specified output file directory.


There are two places these setting can be saved:


1. From the Preferences Editor located on the main ERDAS IMAGINE toolbar (File > Preferences). You can specify the path by clicking on  Preference Editor1.pngnext to the Default Data Directory (for Input data) and Default Output Directory (for your Output data) or simply you can copy/past the path form you computer.


2016-07-15 16_53_40-Preference Editor.png


2. From the Select Layer To Add dialog. The Set Directory icon Select Layer To Add_2_1.png and the Set Output Directory icon Select Layer To Add_2_2.png are located on the top right corner of the Select Layer To Add dialog. These will set the Input/Output directory, which is currently open in a Select Layer To Add window.


Select Layer To Add_3.png