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Displaying 4 band images as RGB in ORIMA Stereo Viewer.

by YaseminS. on ‎07-27-2016 02:29 PM (927 Views)


Images are showing as infrared instead of RGB in ORIMA ViewPlex. How can I display the images as RGB?


ORIMA Viewplex uses the ERDAS IMAGINE preferences. For 4 band imagery the default display setting is false color infrared (Red Channel = band 4, Green Channel = band 3, Blue Channel = band 2). To display the 4 band image as RGB you must change these settings to Red Channel = band 1, Green Channel = band 2, Blue Channel = band 3.


These display settings can be changed with the ERDAS IMAGINE Preference Editor. Start ERDAS IMAGINE and click on the File tab and select Preferences. In the IMAGINE Preference Editor navigate to the User Interface > User Interface && Session category and scroll down to the settings for 4-Band Image Red Channel Default, 4-Band Image Green Channel Default and 4-Band Image Blue Channel Default. Change these preferences to the following settings


4-Band Image Red Channel Default = 1.000

4-Band Image Green Channel Default = 2.000

4-Band Image Blue Channel Default = 3.000