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Error during reprojection: proparameters not found

by sbent ‎07-12-2016 02:05 PM - edited ‎07-12-2016 02:05 PM (394 Views)


Why does the error "proparameters not found" occur when attempting to reproject an image?


For an image to be able to be reprojected it must already have projection information assigned. Many images, especially TIFF images with world files, carry no actual projection information, only corner coordinates. The proparameters error message refers to the lack of projection information in the image itself. You may add projection information manually to your original images easily, if you know the original projection details: 

  1. Open the image in the Image Metadata tool.
  2. Select Edit > Change Map Model. Add the appropriate information.
  3. Select Add/Change Projection. Add the appropriate information.

Always add/change the map model first, then add/change the projection. The image now carries its original projection information and can be reprojected in ERDAS IMAGINE.