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Files not attached after the IMAGINE Photogrammetry block file or its data is moved.

by sbent on ‎04-15-2016 01:37 PM (460 Views)


Why are my files not attached anymore after the IMAGINE Photogrammetry block file or its data is moved?


When the block file (*.blk) or its image data is moved to a different location, it is necessary to attach the data again, since IMAGINE Photogrammetry remembers the complete path to where the data is stored. If the data is not attached anymore, the Pyramid Layer and Online fields in the blocktool will appear red (off). In order to attach the files again, click on one of the red Online fields and it will come up with the Frame Editor. Click on the Attach button and make sure that you attach the same image which is currently active. In order to attach all of the remaining images at once, it is possible to click on the Attach Options tab, which contains the options to attach the selected file only or to attach the selected file plus all remaining files with the same root name.