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How to batch convert LTFx files to 3D ASCII format using the Split DTM tool.

by YaseminS. on ‎03-04-2016 10:54 AM - edited on ‎03-21-2016 05:43 PM by Anonymous (467 Views)


Can you use the SPLIT DTM tool (dtmsplitprocess) to batch convert LTFx format files to 3D ASCII format?


[1] Load mutliple LTFx files (*.ltfx) into the Terrain Prep Tool.
Load the LTFx (*.ltfx) files that you want to convert to 3D ASCII format into Terrain Prep Tool.


[2] Save the Terrain Prep Tool project (*.dfp).
After the LTFx files are loaded , save the Terrain Prep Tool project in a *.dfp file.

Example: d:/temp2/test.dfp


[3] Create a Batch Command File (*.bcf).
Create your Batch Command file (*.bcf) and point to the saved Terrain Prep Tool project file (*.dfp).



** IMAGINE Version 13.0 Batch Commands File
variable Input User;
variable Output Auto "$(Input.Path)/$(Input.Root)_output.xyz" Delete_Before;

dtmsplitprocess -single d:/temp2/test.dfp '$(Input)' '$(Output)' -even 1 1 -overlap 0 -meter 'DTM Split'

[4] Create a Batch List file (*.bls) containing a list of input files to be operated on by the batch job.

Input Output
d:/temp2/test.ltfx ""
d:/temp2/testv2014.ltfx ""


[5] Load the Batch Command File (*.bcf).
IMAGINE > File > Batch > Open Batch Command file.
Click “Add Files” to add more input LTFx files.
Or you can click “Load” to load your Batch List file (*.bls).


[6] Run the batch commands.
Click “Run Now” to run the batch command process.