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How to export X, Y, Z coordinates to an ASCII text file.

by sbent on ‎03-01-2016 09:46 AM - edited 3 weeks ago by ParthaR. (1,567 Views)


How do you export X, Y, Z coordinates to an ASCII text file?


ERDAS IMAGINE users frequently need to convert a raster image - usually a DEM - to X, Y, Z ASCII data. 


1. Open the Pixel to ASCII tool from Manage Data tab > Conversion > Pixels to ASCII.

2. From the Pixel to Table tool, select a raster image as the Input File as this is the source of the expected height information, then click “Add” to add it to the Files to Export list.

3. Specify the coordinate type (Map or File), subset definition coordinates (if a subset of the data is desired), the type of criteria (Subset will default to the entire image) and assign a name to the output file.

4. Click OK to run the process.

5. To view the result select File tab > View > View Text File. This opens the ERDAS IMAGINE Editor (text editor). 

6. Open the ASCII file generated from Pixel to Table process in the text editor.