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Pixels To ASCII batch commands

by jdooley on ‎02-15-2016 10:04 AM - edited on ‎03-21-2016 03:24 PM by Anonymous (605 Views)



How to output to map coordinates and to the default extend and spacing of the image when using batch command? Using the option -cord "map", error messages appear:

pixeltotable -gui 0 -in "F:/jobs/geophysics/By_Line/7125_Area1/Area1/049_0125.tif" -out "F:/jobs/geophysics/xyz/7125_Area1/049_0125map.asc" -coord "map"


The session log below has the bcf command. pixeltotable creates an output ascii file, but it is in file coordinates, not in map coordinates.

16/10/10 14:13:22 eWkspace(5020): Loading [BatchCommandFileOpen.eml]... 16/10/10 14:13:37 eWkspace(5020): Unloading [batchcommandfileopencomponent.eml]... 16/10/10 14:17:20 C:/Program Files/ERDAS/ERDAS Desktop 2010/bin/ntx86/pixeltotable.exe -gui 0 -in "F:/jobs/geophysics/By_Line/7125_Area1/a17125_049_0125.tif" -out "F:/jobs/geophysics/xyz/7125_Area1/049_0125map.asc" -coord "map" 16/10/10 14:17:20 pixeltotable(4812): Creating output file "F:/jobs/geophysics/xyz/7125_Area1/049_0125map.asc"


[1] Create a .bat file with the following content: set IMAGINE_BATCH_RUN=1 "D:\work\gi2010_GM\root\bin\ntx86debug\pixeltotable.exe" -gui "0" -in "d:/work/data/output/output.tif" -out "d:/work/data/output/output_tif_map.asc" -coord "map"


[2] Double click this .bat file to run.