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Point cloud data color encoded with 16-bit RGB values when source image is 8-bit.

by sbent on ‎01-13-2017 10:52 AM (1,013 Views)


When using XPro Semi-Global Matching the output point cloud LAS file is RGB encoded with a different bit depth than the input images. The input images are 8-bit, but the output RGB encoded values in the LAS file are 16-bit.


The LAS specifications requires that the RGB values be 16-bit. The LAS Specification document is attached to this article. Here is an excerpt from page 13:


The Red, Green, Blue values should always be normalized to 16 bit values. For example, when encoding an 8 bit per channel pixel, multiply each channel value by 256 prior to storage in these fields. This normalization allows color values from different camera bit depths to be accurately merged.