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Using a Shapefile for ClipRegion in ERDAS ER Mapper

by sbent on ‎02-22-2016 07:16 AM - edited 4 weeks ago by ParthaR. (1,335 Views)


Can you use a Shapefile for ClipRegion in ERDAS ER Mapper?


You can not directly use shapefile in ER Mapper in order to create a region inside of a raster file. However you can import the Shapefile into an ER Mapper's vector format -  ERV file, and then can use the ERV file for creating region inside a raster.

To import the Shapefile to an ERV file go to ER Mapper > Utility > Import Vector and GIS format > ESRI Shapefile > Import > select the input file > name output file > set projection if required > OK.

To create a region inside of a raster file using a vector file go to ER Mapper > Process > Polygon to region conversion > Vector dataset polygons to regions. It will ask you to input the vector dataset, which should be your ERV file that you imported from a Shapefile. The output raster dataset should be your raster image data where you want to create the region so that you can clip it. Click OK and it will create a region inside your raster image data.

You must name the region that is residing inside the raster image. Go to ER Mapper > Edit > Edit/Create Region > OK. In the Tools dialog click the Pointer (Select/ Edit points mode) and it will select the region you created from the Shapefile. Then click the "Display Edit Object Attributes" button > name your region and click Save. Now you can use the ClipRegion wizard and clip the image.