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What does RMSE represent in IMAGINE Photogrammetry?

by sbent on ‎04-15-2016 01:57 PM - edited 2 weeks ago by YaseminS. (1,759 Views)


What does RMSE represent in IMAGINE Photogrammetry?


RMSE stands for Root Mean Square Error and it is a global indicator of the quality. The lower the RMSE, the better the solution. RMSE is used to display the quality of the solution in many tools in IMAGINE Photogrammetry from triangulation reports to DTM extraction and ortho error reports to determine how accurate or inaccurate the solution is.


For example, GCP RMSE is the distance between the input (source) location of a ground control point (GCP) and the retransformed location for the same GCP. It is a measure of “fit”, or how closely the retransformed location matches the desired output location of a point.