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ERDAS IMAGINE, the world’s leading geospatial data authoring system, supplies tools for all your Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry needs.
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ERDAS Foundation 11.00 Download

by sbent on ‎06-08-2016 01:58 PM (562 Views)

Download ERDAS Foundation 2011


ERDAS Foundation 2011 is a full released product that installs common-use large files and utilities. It also includes a copy of the ERDAS-Net License Manager 2011. ERDAS Foundation 2011 is a prerequisite for ERDAS IMAGINE 2011, LPS 2011, ERDAS ER Mapper 2011 and ERDAS APOLLO 2011. For ERDAS APOLLO Essentials - Image Web Server, you are not required to install ERDAS Foundation, but you should do so, as it provides the high-detail datums and other large-file reference data. ERDAS Foundation 2011 includes the ERDAS-Net License Manager 2011, which need not be downloaded separately, unless you are setting up a stand-alone license manager away from your ERDAS workstations.


Note that ERDAS Foundation 2011 is not a runnable product by itself.


Highlights include:

  • Common-use large files and utilities have to be installed only once, and then can be shared by various “ERDAS” products.
  • For convenience, a copy of the ERDAS-Net License Manager 2011 is included.  If desired, there is also a separate download for only this license tool.