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Attribute Table Help

Hey Guys. I am completing a Lab excersize for a class of mine. I need help with selecting multiple row in the attribute table. When i have the attribute table displayed there are a huge amount of rows and i need to quickly select all the rows within a certain range. I tryed the standard click hold shift and click again but that does not seem to work in ERDAS. any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!

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Re: Attribute Table Help

Dear jburd,


You can use two following options to select multiple rows in an attribute table:


  1. Select first row you need within the Record column with LMB and then, holding LMB, drag through the attribute table to the last row you want to select.
  2. Perform a Selection Criteria. RMB click on any row within the Record column and choose Criteria... . 

 2017-05-08 09_43_45-Untitled_1 - ERDAS IMAGINE 2016.png


The Selection Criteria dialog window opens. Specify the rule for selection. In an example below I am selecting rows starting from 10 to 255. And click Select. 


2017-05-08 09_44_10-Selection Criteria.png





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Re: Attribute Table Help

[ Edited ]

Third option:


It's also quite easy to left-click on the first row in the desired range and then middle-click on the last row. That shoud grab the entire range.




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