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Developing something like PCI GXL?

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Hi, we met some problems with orthorectification.



We had to process hundreds of satellite images(L1A or L1B with RPC) in a very short time, and we had the reference dataset. All we need are the orthorectified Pan and the MS results, the pansharp result, and the 8 bit rescale result.



We did this job with IMAGINE Photogrammetry and the IMAGINE Autosync. First, we process the PAN images with the IMAGINE Photogrammetry, we collected the GCPs manually from the reference dataset, generated the tie points automatically ,did the triangulation, then we got the orthorectified PAN results. Second, we did the georeference with the IMAGINE Autosync, build the Autosync projects one by one, georeference the MS image with the orthorectified PAN results as reference dataset(for more accurate results). Then we did the pansharp, rescale, etc..(these can be done with spatial model.)



My problem is this workflow needs lots of manual working, wasting lots of time for collecting the GCPs and building the Autosync projects.


We had notice a product called PCI GXL which can did GCPs collecting and the georeference automatically.


So, my question is:
1. Is it possible to make the IMAGINE Photogrammetry has the function of automatically GCPs collecting through development with imagine-devtoolkit or the SpatialModelerSDK?
2. Is it possible to make the IMAGINE Autosync has the function of automatically georeference with orthorectified PAN results through development with imagine-devtoolkit or the SpatialModelerSDK?



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