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Line of Sight model

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Hello every body,


I would like to create a model, using the Line Of Sight Operator and I want to take the values for the ports Observer and Target from two points that I draw in an open 2D view.


I built other models that take in input AOIs from the viewer (using the port input operators), Is it possible to somethin similar for features (observer point, target point) and double values ( observer height, target height)?


thank you

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Re: Line of Sight model

There is no direct connection between the Line of Sight operator and a 2D View. You will have to save your observer and target points to a feature layer and use that for the inputs to the Line of Sight operator.




Stephen Bent

Hexagon Geospatial Support

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Registered: ‎10-27-2015

Re: Line of Sight model

Thank you very much



Giuseppe M.

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Re: Line of Sight model

Viewshed & Line of Sight tools used to be (and still are) separate applications inside Imagine. They open new GUI where user can interact with system. Due this they have not been totally applied to Spatial Modeller but now coming there piece by piece. So most likely you can do model as you like but it will not contain all functions available in Line of Sight&Viewshed tools in Imagine GUI.



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