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Re: How to add kompsat3 stereo imagery.

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Hi, I hope you will be well.


I have a question regarding kompsat3 stereo imagery. How to add kompsat3 stereo imagery in imagin Photogrammetry environment.

I am wating for your response. I mean which image format support kompsat3 stereo imagery .xml format.




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Re: How to add kompsat3 stereo imagery.



If you have KOMPSAT3 imagery that includes RPC data, you can use KOMPSAT RPC geometric model with tiff format images. Create a new block file, at model setup select “Rational Functions” in Geometric Model Category, and then select “KOMPSAT RPC” geometric model. Choose reference coordinate system, click OK. Add stereo imagery to the block file. Launch Frame editor and attach each images’ RPC Coefficients file. Generate pyramid layers and continue with your photogrammetric workflow.


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Posts: 2
Registered: ‎11-24-2017

Re: How to add kompsat3 stereo imagery.

Thanks a lot.
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