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Reproject into a locally coordinate system


I have 1000 images. I need to reproject into a locally coordinate system.

For each image, I have a shapefile with limit in locally coordinate system.


Somehow I can do the reprojection after the limit in locally coordinate system?


Thank you

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Re: Reproject into a locally coordinate system

Just to be clear, you have 1000 raster images in one coordinate system and 1000 Shapefiles in a different local coordinate system? And you want to reproject the 1000 images to the local coordinate system and then clip each reprojected image to the extent of its associated Shapefile?


You can use the Reproject Images tool in a batch process to reproject all of your raster images to the local coordinate system.

ERDAS IMAGINE workspace > Raster tab > Geometry group > Reproject


If you had AOI files instead of Shapefiles you could easily use the Subset tool in a batch process to clip each of the reprojected images to the extent of its accompanying AOI. But since you have Shapefiles you will have to use a spatial model like the one linked below and run it in a batch to clip all of your images to match the extents of the Shapefiles.


Subset Image by Polygonal Geometries 2016




Stephen Bent

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