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Access Denied Popup Message GMSC Admin


Hi I was wondering if anyone knew how I could go about changing this access denied message to display alternative text.


This message pops up when a user has not started their workflow properly so it is supposed to indicate to them they can not place a fetaure because a job is not open.


I would like the popup message to tell the user what the problem is ie 'Please open a job before you attempt to place a feature' rather than Access Denied.


Is this possible?



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Re: Access Denied Popup Message GMSC Admin

In a custom script you may subscribe to the on form:ready event, check the condition that will give you the "access denied" error and then show any of the dialogs provided by the Javascript API:

You may even redirect the user directly to the needed node or ask the user if he wants to proceed.

Stefano Turcato
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