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Add Login Screen to Standalone Workflow


In one of our Geomedia Smart Client 2015 environement we have a Standalone Workflow, which we run currently out of the client. So the user and session information is taken from the  Client sesssion.


Now we want to make that workflow properly standalone. 


The idea is, to get a log in in, similarly to the administrator login at the beginning of the workflow. Where the user can enter his GMSC User credentials. And the available list information afterwards is filtered according to his credentials. 


We can't find a way of how to run this login screen. 

We tried to look at the admin workflow but couldn't understand how the login screen is called up. 

We also couldn't find anything in the wiki or the community.


Are there instructions or a demo on how to implement this?



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Re: Add Login Screen to Standalone Workflow



You have to implement your own MvcApplication and implement an AuthorizationController.