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Cached WMS Feature in GMSC 2015



I am trying to use WMS features in offline mode, for which it needs to be first cached on the server. But with Cached mode enabled the image is blurry after publishing the tiles. I understand that appropriate values has to be mentioned for Rows, Columns and Map Resolution fields. Documentation says to refer to the Raster Calculation xls here( But I could not understand much on how to use this to get the appropriate values for caching raster features.


If anyone has clear understanding of that xls please help!


Rohit Sinha
Hexagon Geospatial
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Re: Cached WMS Feature in GMSC 2015

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Hi Rohit,


I remember this calculation was once performed on some SmartClient training, and I was also quite confused. Trying to review the excel sheet again, I think what they want to say is that the optimal tile size is 512x512 pixels. The second important information is the image ground resolution. For example, if you have an image with resolution 0.5 m, the width of your image is for example 1 km, then the optimal number of columns is 1000/0.5/512 = 1 tile. But more often, you just know your image size in pixels, so if you for example have an image with 4000x3000 pixels, then the optimal number of rows will be 3000/512 = 6, the optimal number of columns will be 4000/512 = 8. This is my understanding. I wonder if somebody would provide any better explanation Smiley Happy



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Re: Cached WMS Feature in GMSC 2015



To make it simple, there are three variables you need to define in the spreadsheet then all you need to do is to take the Row and Columns and Scale values from the spreadsheet and input them in GMSC feature setup.


  • Width DX(m), this is the width of the area to be cached
  • Height DY(m), this is the height of the area to be cached
  • Ground resolution, the resolution of the aerial imagery


Then you need to set up your features as per what the spreadsheet suggests. Note, create different features with different scale dependencies. Finally cache them one after another.


Hope it helps.