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Frequent Contributor
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Registered: ‎11-25-2015

Cannot Perform query on Map Source

Hi ,


Error Msg: cannot Perform query on Map Source


I am displaying graphics using Formmap:


<FormMap name="MAP_ZOOM_OV" label="Map Zoom" activelayer="1362" layers="1362" fitelements="{FORM.PARCEL_ID1_PER}"
drawingmode="highlighted" heightratio="1" fitfactor="{FORM.MAP_ZOOM}" template="MapMediumTemplate" />


when i keep my Parcel Layer as LIVE then it shows the Parcels on the form correctly, however,

if i keep my Parcel Layer is CACHED then it throws an error as shown above.


GMSC 2018 update 3

Windows server 2012 R2

Oracle DB: 11g






Technical Evangelist
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Registered: ‎11-12-2015

Re: Cannot Perform query on Map Source

Hi Naeem,


In this case it appears that there is an issue loading the tile (cached)

What information is presented in the log file for this case?