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Accepted Solution

Cannot display record

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I have a problem to display in GMSC2016 one of the records of my feature.

Feature data is stored in PostGIS database.

I can see in GeoMedia that this object is made of few polygons, but geometry_spa field is not GEOMETRYCOLLECTION and looks like this


"POLYGON Z ((418334.166910856 321680.496098739 0,418337.342363412 321687.955774575 0,418339.753204513 321694.309299757 0,418342.348687731 321698.498305025 0,418342.95165873 321701.547773029 0,418321.956956886 321697.911362859 0,418276.42553164 321688.892234 (...)"


I've converted geometry_spa field to be a POLYGON(not POLYGON Z) using st_force2d(st_collectionextract($1, $2)) but it didn't help.



Regular Contributor
Posts: 170
Registered: ‎07-07-2016

Re: Cannot display record

Ok, I found the reason. Geometry of this object contains double vertexes.