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Changing Text values in display layer (Smart Client)

Hi all,


So a quick rundown.


I have imported CAD data into SQL server and I get gdo's in a [TextGeometry] column, and a multipoint geometry in [TextGeometry_SPA].


It inherits a style from CAD, and has Text data being displayed out of the gdo column. So the only way it seems to edit this display data is to edit what is in the [TextGeometry] column.


However I cant edit this from SQL, as it is a gdo blob and I dont know the binary conversion.


There are some API's that could possibly edit it from Java and .NET.
The javascript one doesnt seem to be able to communicate with the database as much even if AJAx was used.


I am wondering if anyone knows how to edit this gdo object, and if so how?


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Re: Changing Text values in display layer (Smart Client)



I believe the only way to access the text BLOB is by using the GM objects through .NET to make the modifications, then you would need to tie this into GMSC.


GMSC does not have the ability to modify GM data.

From the documentation, "Workflows are not able to run on GeoMedia WebMap data sources. You must use one of the native data providers of GeoMedia Smart Client."