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Registered: ‎10-12-2015
Accepted Solution

Define symbology - Pie Chart - Data label setup

GMSC 16.1, trying Pie Chart with data labels - can't seem to get the data label to display. Legend option works fine.

Is my procedure right? First time trying so don't know if works in previous versions and yet to try with other datasets. Not urgent.


  • Setup Pie chart with legend enabled (default setup)PieChart_Legend_SymbologyDefinition.png
  • Pie chart with legend shows  Smiley Happy
    • PieChart_Legend_Works.png
  • Then modifed symbology to show data label option instead
    • PieChart_DataLabel_SymbologyDefinition.png
  • Pie chart shows without labels Smiley Sad
    • PieChart_DataLabels_Fails.png
  • Was expecting something like:
    • PieChart_DataLabel_FromTutorial.png



I also found changing the Title to database sourced value failed:

  • Enabled Title and populated with database field. (Field type varchar(255), sql server) 
    • PieChart_DynamicTitle.png
    • Title did not show with the pie chart
    • Changed the title to a static value and it displayed





Super Contributor
Posts: 455
Registered: ‎10-12-2015

Re: Define symbology - Pie Chart - Data label setup

Found I had to increase Piechart size from default 200x150 to 300x300 (didn't experiement yet to find mimimum size required for labels).

Data labels then displayed.



example result




Have not looked further at the title substitution.