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Delete cache automatically

Hey Community,


as a user of GMSC and GeoTrams I want that the cache is automatically deleted.

We have different systems. 

One test-system and a production system.


The SmartClient creates the cache folder.


An we have to switch between the systems.


Is it possible to say to the SmartClient "Delete all items in the cache folder in the evening"?


If this is possible, where do I have to make this setting?


It's very inconvenient to manually delete this every day .


Thanks for help or tips



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Re: Delete cache automatically



There is no such setting in GMSC as the caching is one of the big advantages of GMSC.


Why don't you just delete the client cache with a batch file like

del C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Local\Intergraph\SmartClient\cache\YOURSITE\*.* /s

With the TaskScheduler you can call this batchfile every evening.